Caleb Meakins Legacy

Caleb Meakins was a phenomenal man of who personally changed my life in a radical way and has left a forever memorable legacy in my heart and many.

Having met him and his family during a hard season in my own life, about 8 years ago, he drew the gold out of me right away. It was the first or second year of his event Shift, and he invited me along to it. (Shift is a movement he had created to see 20-30 year olds bring transformation to the spheres of influence they wanted to change). Despite it being a small event at the time, Caleb and his team led it so beautifully. There was an open mic one night and Caleb encouraged me to go for it. That was the first ever moment I stepped out into singing spontaneously in front of others! The experience was liberating and showed me how much fear can steal joy. The weekend was super beautiful and such a treat to be surrounded by passionate, world changers.


is the vision for Shift, which impacted me deeply to realise that “free people, free people”. This simple and clear motto gave me the courage to believe that if I could face my own fears and chains then I could impact those around me. Caleb is renowned for unashamedly facing his fears, after he courageously made a project out of his fear of rejection – My 40 Days.

Having heard about his journey and the breakthrough he received from it, it revealed to me that I didn’t have to hide my fear of other’s opinions, but instead boldly face it. So that year I personally decided to do random things that would put me in positions where others could judge me (eg. wear an outfit of all yellow for a week and not justify myself or tell anyone why!). It was simply to get over other’s thoughts about me and was a phenomenally liberating journey.

This blog is in fact the result of Caleb’s impact on my life. I started it a few years ago, to track my journey and the places I ended up!

My biggest area of insecurity was in believing if I was beautiful or worth anything. As a result I went on a year’s journey to discover the truth about beauty, face my crippling fears and find the truth. I started a scroll and decided to break down the word beauty to realise that it actually means B.E.A.U = be you, T.Y = thank you. So I painted my feet and danced on behalf of those I was thankful for. To ‘be me’ meant, to dance. This scroll took on a life of its own. It literally became my saving grace and the answer to my deepest burning question to God after I had hit rock bottom:


I later found out that Caleb’s life verse was Isaiah 61:4 too. This is phenomenal to me, as that was the verse that saved my life. I am indebted to this man, friend, brother, son, pioneer, leader, influencer and hero of the faith. He has radically and continually one that will transform my perspective, captivate my heart with Jesus and show me that my destiny lies behind my greatest fears. He proved this so stunningly and courageously. I cannot help but now respond to the life that he led.

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