Stand your Ground

Standing ones ground is not always the easiest thing. It requires perseverance, patience, purity and to position oneself in wisdom. To stand is to believe. To believe is to trust, and to trust is to know in ones heart of hearts the One they trust in.

Trust is a foundation, the rock beneath any relationship. It is the requirement for intimacy, hope and faith. It is the reason we can and will stand our ground.

Foundations are not seen, yet they are felt. They are not glamorous, yet without them everything would fall. Foundations need to be rock solid or things will shift and change and lose their shape. The solidity of the rock is the vital part. The unchanging stillness that the rock solid truth creates, is an unshakeable peace and freedom.

Now more than ever, I am convicted and truly desire to be established on the rock and not the sand. The sand will shift, move and change. But the rock never will. This is where I want to stand my ground from.

Not only will I stand my ground, but I will stand tall to give others the hope of what it looks like to fully understand and live from a solid foundation. It gives us hope, vision and purpose. The future begins to look bright and my vision clears as I focus my eyes on one thing, one person and one truth. I start to see the world through a new lens. One of clarity and beauty. There are many voices, ideas and ‘influences’ in the world we live. Yet what does it look like to influence ourselves and let that overflow? When our hope is on one thing, our audience of One is all we will care about.

If you cannot leave the crowd, then you’re not ready to minister to the crowd.

Only when you’re anchored in God’s acceptance will you have power to leave the crowd. We will fear the rejection of others when we are uncertain of our acceptance. We will hide our true voice when the love we get from people feels more real than the love we receive from God.

However when we know we’re accepted by God, the power to change the world is in our hands. God’s acceptance gives us permission. It invites you to never hide again.

– Chris Cruz

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