Touching Heaven


You have lifted me up to high places
To unleash the glory of hidden treasures




To call out the gold you see,
You gave me keys of victory.



So I will open up doors,
Like you split the seas.


Because even in the darkest times,
You always bring light to see.


When I call your name,

You always come near.





Victory is the life coming from the inside
Victory is the garden in the heart.





You made sure we could never lose it again,
You paid a price to never be apart.



There is no structure, form or law

That can contain this new spirit filled life



This is the Eden, the ongoing presence,
The place where you are fully known.





This is the Eden, unlimited wonder,
An inner world full of peace and joy.




Model & Poetry – Aurora Gracia
Photographer – Jessica Rachel


This shoot I named “touching heaven” as from the start it felt like such an honour to photograph this beauty, who took me to a special place in her heart, where she loves to seclude and have time alone….her “secret place”. This was my deepest desire: to capture her in a place where she has history and goes to be touched by heaven. I had previously asked Aurora what the theme of her past season has been and what she would like to come across in the photographs. She told me she wanted both sides of her character to be seen “the lion and the lamb”. I asked her to dress in white and that the rest would evolve while on shoot!

Once we had arrived at her secret place space the light was stunning. I picked a couple of flowers and placed them in her hair. I was captivated from the first picture. For me photography is such a stunning chance to display the beauty of a person to the world. Ones eyes are what fascinate me most. Aurora’s eyes carry such a deep wealth of integrity and beauty. There is a fiery passion and purity that she has that is inspiring. She is a woman both of elegance and yet justice, hope and yet peace. The lens to me is like God’s lens, and truly there were moments I was tearing up behind it as I had such a deep honour of seeing exactly how He made this beauty to be. I truly felt like I was touching heaven with the lens.

As the time went on it was as if each stage told the story of what Aurora’s secret place time looks like: from being beautified with flowers in her hair, pursued by the light of heaven, the wind blowing her inner star into being and finally being sprinkled with heaven’s confetti – an abundance of colour, shine and beauty.

It was a moment I never want to forget, seeing a woman being truly celebrated, adorned and loved from above. A moment happened during this shoot like no other, it was as if I got to experience visually the power of heaven and what happens in the still moments we have that we offer to God to refresh, beautify, redeem and pour His glory over us. As time in His presence is never a waste, we leave it overflowing with presents!

There is a celebration over our lives beyond what we could imagine. It is the deepest desire of our Designer to pour and overflow blessings over us – an abundance of His captivating beauty, where we get to walk away “Touched by Heaven”.


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