Fathering Artists

“I have cried many tears, felt new depths, let lies shatter, confronted fear and discovered more about what bravery looks like this weekend…connection to my RAW heart. A deep SHIFT happened inside me. A new curiosity was sparked. A shaking of my paradigm, a new belief system forming – to see through my Father’s eyes. My eyes might be tired from the tears yet they feel alive and have been changed by seeing through the eyes of my Father. After seeing through His lens one can never be the same.

Songs that flow from the heart, become a lens we get to see the world through. They create culture, catalyse movements and shake history”

– Jessica Wilmot


This weekend at the Fathering Artist’s retreat at the Summit, was a truly life changing experience. With little expectation or knowledge of how the weekend would pan out, I arrived with an excitement in my bones and anticipation in the air. It had been postponed over 5 times due to Covid-19 restrictions being enforced and so there was a deep feeling inside me that something of deep worth was hidden reality of the weekend happening.  We had eventually found a time to make this dream possible.




As I arrived at the Summit hopes arose and I began to wonder what to expect. The first session kicked off with Eric Allen sharing about the history of this place and what has been cultivated, dug for and prayed over in this space. He described it that we were stepping into a “well” that has been prayed over for more than 20 years. His talk was full of gems and broke open the atmosphere for the songs to flow from. There was an authority and truth to the words he spoke that touched something inside me that increased my excitement with the wild possibilities ahead. Without much mention about songwriting itself, Eric confronted the mindsets we can have, the lies we can battle with and the triggers that can arise. As he exposed the places that we all battle with, yet struggle to articulate, a peace and freedom entered our hearts in a beautiful way.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you will bleed in war”

Was a beautiful quote he landed us with. These words echoed in my heart as I began to let them truly sink in. His encouragement to “accept the triggers and prepare for them. Be ok with being offended, humbled and convicted. Receive a deposit of awareness of why you are triggered and what triggers you. Don’t ignore the trigger, confront it” was something that in hindsight set me up for a weekend of true success and deep freedom. It broke something inside of me that could have resulted in shame as the triggers came up over the weekend, but instead set me up to realise those were normal and in fact the very indicator of where God wanted to bring my heart the most breakthrough.

He encouraged us to… Start with what we have at the lowest level of what feels possible. Plant seeds. With an “INSIDE OUT” perspective is how you can break through the noise around you. Anything you produce from fear or pride, won’t create lasting life. Revelation is one thing, obedience is a whole other thing. God created you to “be with you”. Self awareness takes what you believe and helps you know how to put it into action. Fear can try and masquerade as wisdom. PEACE IS ROOTED IN IDENTITY.



Songs are the overflow of the atmosphere we steward inside, this atmosphere others can then feel and experience as a result of our songs. Therefore it is vital that we create from a place of love and peace. One quote of Eric’s that really shifted something inside me was: “Jesus did not reach His potential. Because He wasn’t concerned about His potential, He only did what the Father was doing. We can get wrapped up in our “potential”, but instead we need to know our “assignment”.

Do not chase the dreams God has for you, chase the God who has dreams for you”



JP’s talk was incredibly inspiring.




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