There is a beckon in my heart,
To call out the depths of who you are.
A stirring in my bones.
To raise your highest bar.

There is a beauty stored inside you that is yet to be unlocked,
A story awaiting vision, a voice yet to be unblocked.
The world opinions fade away and simply do not matter,
They are crying for the words inside you, the giants will be shattered.

Stand firm my friend and stand tall on that ground,
There is a echo arising from the action of your sound.
Your silence is now over, you are coming out to be seen.
You are not made for the closet, you are made to really DREAM.

So do not shy away from who you are, don’t turn your back on fear,
Arise and take back what the enemy tried to steal.
There is a lion inside the core of you, a bee that came to heal.
As out of the stings of life, honey will soothe the pain you feel.

Turn your back on lies and let the lies see the truth.
Plant yourself in victory, wear the REAL YOU.
Paint the truth on paper, or on a jacket too.
There is power in your declarations, they carry your breakthrough.

Arise and shine, oh warrior, you are made to be a voice of hope.
Your presence breaks off shame, enabling others to then cope.
There is an anthem in your breath and a victory in your songs.
As you deeply understand how truly you belong. 

Model – Jessica Rachel
Photographer – Alley Guscott

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