Immersed in Gold

There is a splendour in us being.
A sweet fragrance, that is freeing.
A cultivation of many memories.
Immersed in the presence of our peace.

Under water or under pressure.
Amongst the storms or surrounded by leisure.
Trusting closely to the promise
Stepping forwards to depths of victory.

Transparency or vulnerability?

Trust or fear?
Freedom found in responsibility.
Depths of places that set us free.

Purity. A measure of ones eyes.

A reflection of what it is we prize.
A mirror of our internal world.
As each lie is then unfurled.

Depths of gold we yearn to go.

Immersed in beauty beyond what we know
Floating in the depths of peace.
Beyond understanding, we can simply “be”

Floating in the middle,
Lost in translation.
Ready in our hearts,
For wild transformation.

Mystery mindsets, immersed in gold.
Trusting moments, yet to behold.
Radical faith, intertwined with hope.
A pure reflection wrapped like a rope.

Photography – Callie Lehner
Model & Poetry – Jessica Rachel

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