From 200 -> 12,000 people in 2 months!
Faith truly moves the heart of God. A “Jesus people movement” has begun.

It has been the biggest honour to see where “Let Us Worship” began, from the first event on the Golden Gate Bridge – where 200 people gathered to worship on 9th July. With the heart to release hope and joy over California, the ripple hasn’t stopped… Over the last two months @seanfeucht and his beautiful family have pioneered with radical courage and tenacity to see lives, countries and hearts never remain the same – they have worshiped in over 20 cities now. The night of the 6th September will be one I never ever forget and one that will go down in history. As 12,000 people gathered at the State Capitol building in Sacramento to worship Jesus, we saw the ash cloud clear above our heads, heaven released over the city, people be baptised, crazy wild freedom break out through dance and childlike joy and prophetic senators released to declare truth. It was a marking evening and one that marks the church waking up and claiming her voice. Hope never is lost and there is freedom and solutions coming to this State and the World in radical ways. This is not a time to be a sheep, but a lion. It is time to raise your voice, let out your ROAR and know your identity. We are called to be fearless in the face of fear. Love always wins!

I have been beyond inspired by Sean and his family. Their tenacity and fierce pursuit of truth, freedom and the power of worship is a confrontational reality to the rest of the church that we need to wake up. This worship night in Sac was phenomenal. In high heats this huge crowd gathered and an explosion came out of us. Personally I felt all of heaven take control of my body and a deep roar came out of my voice. One that shook the insides of me and left no space for any fear of man to hold me back.

What was stunning to me during the evening was when a senator from Sacramento State building got up and fearlessly shared her heart of truth. This was a radical and confirming moment to me, as just 2 months before I had been in Sacramento with some friends and we had walked around the whole of the Capitol building and prayed over it and the people that filled it and created the laws. I had seen a really clear picture of people who worked there being like that of a Redwood tree – that no matter the fire that came their way, they would withstand it all and not be burnt. We then stood and prayed in the exact spot that this worship night took place 2 months later and the spot that I found out was opposite the office of this female, prophetic senator.

During the evening I was really intrigued by a statue at the top of the building. It constantly caught my eye and I knew it was significant in some sort of way. At one point during the evening I felt I saw the statue move and I felt God showing me the shift that our worship is bringing to this nation. It can even move a stone structure. To my surprise, a friend Christy Johnston, then later posted about this same statue, as she too had noticed it and felt God confirm spiritual significance about it.

In moments like this, I like to take in my surroundings, and look for what the Holy Spirit is speaking. As we turned toward the Capitol and decreed the name of Jesus over this building that has housed so many evil laws, my eyes were drawn to the two statues that sat atop the giant pillars… two riders on horses battling a bear and a horned creature that I couldn’t quite make out. The bear stood out to me. Bears prophetically represent demonic strongholds… and in the spirit last night, it felt like we were witnessing the very depiction that stared over us. The horse and it’s rider were atop the bear, and as thousands worshipped last night, it felt as though the tide of the battle has turned. Where California has been under years of oppression, the bear is no longer above us, but beneath us. It’s ground is trembling, it’s foundations are shaking. I see a wave of Gods glory sweeping this State and this Nation. Greater than the days of old. Revival is here, behold, Jesus is doing a new thing. @seanfeucht@holdtheline_ Thank you for your leadership in the midst of so much adversity. All of heaven is singing with us as we take back the ground that was once stolen.

Christy Johnston

Our worship creates a shift in the spirit and this is what we are called to bring. Our worship is a weapon. It is time to wage war on the darkness. We cannot shrink back anymore. We MUST claim back the ground for heaven to invade. Enough is enough. And personally I have seen enough evil try to steal life. Life the wise words of Turah (Sean’s daughter) – she turned to me and said “Jessica do you know that LIVE backwards spells EVIL?”. In that moment it clicked, if we don’t fully LIVE evil will take up room. Not on my watch!

This present moment was something I felt God birth in me 6/10 years ago – a yearning for revival. He gave me visions of being involved and at the centre of the next awakening. I had no idea what that would look like but I knew He was saying I would be there in the middle of it all, dancing, singing and laughing. I looked around the event in Sacramento and smiled. I thought to myself –here it is, it is right here, right NOW! It has begun!

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