Esther’s Arise

There is a beauty in your presence, a fragrance so sweet to taste.
A moment with the King, could never count as ‘waste’.
Petals of your presence, falling onto me.
Swept up in this moment, you have my dignity.

Esther was a beauty, a woman of deep bravery.
Who stood for what she knew and didn’t waver her beliefs.
She stood up for a nation and didn’t back down in fear.
She laid her life before them, so justice could be near.

We are living in a moment where truth needs to be heard.
The nations are starving, for heaven to come to earth.
Idols are now crumbling, back down to the floor.
Our hearts are really thirsty for what we were made for.

Courageous ones, this is your season to stand.
To know what you believe and let go of the fear of man.
Brave ones, this is your season to really brightly shine.
Do not hide your beauty, let out what is inside.

Esther means “star”, one that is destined to always glow.
A radiance and a posture that flows from a powerful “no”.
Trust in your very heartbeat, rest in His whispers too.
There are battles that will be won, through you simply being you.


All summer I had had this desire to do a shoot in a bath. I wasn’t sure why, other than I had been inspired whilst looking after some children I had who had filled their bath with a massive amount of soap and therefore the aesthetics of the room looked incredible….white bath, white walls, white froth! It meant that I got some beautiful shots of them and a creatively inspired heart.

One random day, I was at a friend’s home and I couldn’t believe how cute their bath was. I explained my desire all summer had been to do a shoot in a bath. Michelle shared she shared the same desire. So that afternoon we decided there was no time like the present and we just went for it! Placing half dead petals in the bath, I dressed into a “Free People” dress and we began our shoot.

While shooting these photos with Michelle, I was reminded of the story of Esther. How she was prepared to go before the king for 12 months. It was in the final 6 months of her preparation that she was saturated in fragrances. This was a powerful symbolic picture to me of the power of preparation, fragrance and rest. There is a fragrance we each bring that is fundamental to who we are. Being surrounded by petals of flowers, to me was a powerful reminder of that truth. It also felt significant to realise that the tiling on the floor was in the same pattern as a beehive. In one moment I felt I was surrounded by all the pictorial things that remind me to “just bee”!

I truly believe that there are moments in life one needs to fight and there are other moments where we need to rest. Rest I believe is vital right now. There is a beauty to the bathing process – the rest and the soaking. Allowing something to sink in, surface and be saturated into our lives. Letting the stillness linger takes courage. There is a beauty in the silence, in the lightness and in the quiet of the secret place. It is only from that place that sustainable change can come.

What do I mean by “Esther arise”? I believe that this is an Esther season, a time where true beauty is arising, truth is being heard and courageous risks are beginning to be taken.
Later in Esther’s story she laid her life on the line for the sake of her nation. She spoke up with radical courage and confronted the king with truth, risking the chance of being killed in the process. She carried unmistakable favour and grace and saw her nation led into freedom as a result of her bravery. Her beauty led the way, opened the kings palace doors and found her favour with those that dictated laws.

“Esther” means “star”. You are a star. Stars are created to shine! Don’t hide your light. 🌟
This is an Esther season. Let the Esther’s arise, let your fragrance be smelt and your courage be seen.

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