Restoring Voices

There is a sound echoing on the inside of me,
Waiting to come out, waiting to be heard.
There is a truth that I yearn to express,
A mystery I need answers to, a pain I need to address.

Betrayal is how I feel, with questions so deep and raw.
Space I am needing, to understand and explore.
With so many years of lies, being fed into our hearts.
History cannot lead us, if we lie about the important parts!

There is beauty to my skin colour, as beauty starts inside.
I am a masterpiece creation, not one part of me I need to hide.
There is mystery in the division and there is tragedy in the past.
Yet through repentant hearts we can build bridges that can last.

Our Father is the one that can heal the deepest wounds.
His embrace is all surrounding and sees what affected you.
He isn’t afraid of tears and deep and fragile places.
His heart is all consuming and he has the most healing of embraces.

His love is my defender, His freedom is my key.
There is no pain he hasn’t faced that He cannot empathise with me.
Betrayal he felt too, and yet His love rose above.
So His covering can be the wings, that hide me in His love.

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