Set Flight

As I sit on my bed reminiscing a historical weekend, my heart and mind are flooded with thankfulness and awe of who God is. Ever since I had heard about the “Let Us Worship” event on 25th October 2020, in Washington DC on the National Mall, I knew I had to be there. Yet without a penny to spend, I had left it all to the week of the event and had nothing booked yet. Yet I had kept hearing God telling me “I need and want you there Jessica”. I was stunned and honoured to believe that He believes that much in what I carry that He simply wanted me on that ground in DC to pray and pioneer in breaking it open for His presence. So I sat on my bed that evening and prayed for a miracle. I knew God knew my financial status and felt moved to text some friends to pray for a miracle with me. Within five minutes someone had asked more about the event and then offered to pay everything off for me! I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read their reply stating that they would pay it all! It was extraordinary. This was the greatest confirmation to my heart that God was the propellor behind this trip and that He was in charge of every little detail. This was the start of a wild adventure, only made possible by the King!

“You are a daughter, which means you have ACCESS

Sofia Luna

Then it came to the day to fly on the 24th. We drove to Sacramento airport early in the morning, me and three others: Kellie, Melissa and Sofia. We prayed over our trip in the car and the joy came and flooded each of us. There was a shift as we began to pray and prophesy over the significance of our trip individually and collectively. A few days before going, I had asked God about my trip and why exactly He had so clearly told me that he wanted me there? He had showed me two pictures: one of a rainbow with gold at the end of it and the second was of the trip being like a treasure hunt. In that moment I knew He was promising redemption and promise, colour and gold through the rain and shine over DC. I saw the National Mall with a rainbow over the top of it and smiled with the hope that I would get to see that in person. Then I knew the treasure hunt was regarding the people we would meet and that God would highlight to pray for. These pictures were enough to get me excited for what was in store.

Once we arrived at Sacramento airport, Sofia and I had a few hours to kill. I decided to walk up and down the baggage reclaim area and began to write downloads that God was giving me regarding the significance of this trip as well as some numbers that I keep seeing lately and I felt prophetic for this season. These were the words I wrote….

I feel like this trip is a “drawing a line in the sand” moment. I feel I am waking up. It is the start of being revived. Every muscle that has gone to sleep is waking up. It is time for revival. It is time for the earth to shake. IT IS TIME!! It is time for the unthinkable to happen. 

I see a vision of me roaring over the states of America from Washington DC, National Mall stage. It is a tall stage looking over DC. I see a shudder being released over the earth and it quaking the bones and homes back to life. I see a revival stirring. It is here. There is no going back. I see in the same way it’s happening in the earth, God doing it in my body. I see him highlighting my body as a mirror to what He is doing in the world. He is training us and building muscle. He is restoring discipline and truth and giving us vision for the body that we are made to be and have. He is shaking off dead weight and refining us. There is a refinement in the training. A stripping back of the old so we can carry the weight of the new. The weight of the wait is the wonder we get to see and carry through the eyes of wisdom He has given us. Wisdom is birthed in the pain. In the places of disappointment and let down. That is where true wisdom flows from. 

This a glimpse into the healing and restoration that I feel Him highlighting He is doing in our bodies:

He is lifting up our eyes and bringing healing to our necks where we have looked down for too long. He is healing our backs, from the strain of lying in our beds for too long. He is bringing strength to our legs so we can run a long distance. He is training our arms so we can carry the weight of His glory. He is massaging our shoulders and taking the weights off of them. He is cutting back our hair so it can grow back stronger and longer. He is washing our feet from the past dirt, preparing us for this new adventure. He is cleaning out our ears so we can hear clearly. He is opening our eyes so we can see Him freely. He is speaking through our mouths and brushing out our teeth so we can smile with victory. 


I keep seeing this number at specific times and I believe there is a significant reason. It’s a number of restoration and redemption and a signal for emergency prayers. “9” is the number of transition and “11” the number for government. I believe that God is calling us to pray over the earthly government for wisdom and clarity, peace and protection. It is a time that He wants to radically encounter the hearts of those in politics, through dreams and visions. That is what He is doing. He is waking them in the night and speaking to their spirits. I believe that something is about to shift in the hearts of politicians in marking ways. Their whole paradigm will flip upside down and their eyes will be fixed on the King. 


While praying about the significance of the number 11 I was reminded of the prophetic, visual encounter I had with some dominoes 6 years ago, that God spoke really clearly to me through. I was at a park called “Eden” and I had found an area with a child’s slide and a wooden chair handmade with a love heart in the middle and a picture of the royal family above it. There was a treasure chest just next to the chair that a friend had discovered that there were life sized dominoes inside. We got them all out and began to place them in a row from the start of the slide all the way along the floor to the wooden chair. When I came across the domino with one over one, I felt God so clearly speak to me and say that this was the visual picture of what revival would look like. Someone being purely themselves, who sees the clear mirror of who they are and has an audience of ONE. I saw that this would ripple into others and the whole train of dominoes will fall and lead to the seat of love and royalty!

Another revelation I had about the number 11 was that if you turn it around it looks like an equals sign. The power of equality is something that our generation needs to understand.


For the last five years I have been seeing the numbers 22 and 222. At the start of me seeing it all the time, I had no idea what it meant and I thought it would pass after a while, but it has only increased. Until it then started happening for my friends too and they would send me screenshots of how often they too kept seeing “22” everywhere. I kept asking God what it meant and I heard Him say “breakthrough and freedom”. Then one day I was in London and went to look around the store called “Liberty London” at the centre of the city. With a dream one day to sell the scarves I make there, I began to dream what could be possible. Then when we were leaving we walked past the main house of the store and I nearly jumped out of my skin. The address was 222!! I stood in awe and looked down at my phone to see that it was exactly 2:22pm! I was blown away and knew this was the Lord speaking. 

Fast forward until now, this number has followed me since then. Then recently a man named, Sean Feucht, who has been leading revival worship events all around America, began to see the number “222” too and started posting about it on his instagram. In that moment I knew it was a confirmation that what he is leading and carrying right now is the key to revival. Isaiah 22:22 has always been a huge inspiration to me of the fact that God can and will open any door that man can’t open or shut. He is the greatest key holder and He is waking up His doorkeepers. The ones He can trust to unlock His presence and release it on the earth.

Let the Journey Begin

We went to check in and as we got to our seat numbers I was amazed to see that we were given….
18A & C (to Miniapolis) , 22A & C (to Ronald Reagon). We laughed and celebrated in awe that even in the tiniest detail of our seat number, that God would care to speak through it.

Once we were through security and looking for our gate number, I got excited by the patterns on the floor of the airport, as they were of a river. So we began to freely sing a song we both knew:
“We’re gonna dance in the river, yeah…. we are gonna dance in the river, yeah”
As we followed the river up and down the airport we discovered there was a big compass design on the floor in the middle of the river. I stood in the middle and kept singing and then squealed with joy as I realised that my voice echoed and was amplified as I stood in the centre of the compass. At this point I started singing and started singing louder and louder completely unashamedly, right in the middle of Sacramento airport:
I can feel it the wind you’re about to move. I can feel it in the wind you’re about to write in. You said that you would pour your spirit out. You said that you would fall on sons and daughters. So let your rain come drench us in love, let your fire rush in like a flood. We’re transformed by this one thing, to know your presence and see your beauty. So come and blow on through, spirit move, we are ready for you.”
In that moment I knew this was a visual picture of what God was showing me earlier in the day – of me letting out a roar and the ground shaking and rivers flowing out of the cracks. I felt moved by the moment as the dome above me looked like an eye and was a powerful visual reminder that as I keep my eyes on Jesus, he will amplify my voice and break open the ground so the rivers of His presence can flow again. It truly is ALL about the AUDIENCE OF ONE!

“You do not have because you do not ASK

Sofia Luna

Seat Numbers

Once we had boarded the flight and were seated in our seats, social distanced apart (!) I realised that the letters we were given felt relevant to the lessons we were both learning.

Mine was “A” which stood for “Access” – learning to be a daughter and learn that means I have access. Sofia was in seat “C”. This to me reminded me of the verse: “the pure in heart shall see God” – C = see. For her this symbolised the trip being one of renewal and purity. A new vision and new clarity as her heart and mind was purified….on route to White house!


Once we had arrived into Minneapolis airport, we popped into the bathroom and I began to sing a song. As I. started singing I felt God share with me that the song and its lyrics was to encourage someone in the bathroom. So I kept singing it aloud while peeing! Then when I was washing my hands I noticed a mum by the sink and I knew the song was for her. But instead of saying anything I ignored it and walked on. However in the back of my mind I knew I needed to share it with her. So I said to God that if I saw her again I would encourage and share the word with her. Lo and behold, Sofia realised she had left her bottle in the bathroom so we went back to get it. On the way back I noticed the mum and daughter having dinner in Chik-Fil-A. So I boldly went over to share what He had said to me about them. They ended up being family to someone I knew, I couldn’t believe it. What a divine encounter. I ended up giving each of them a piece of my art and a word with it. The mum was so touched she welled up with tears as they flowed down her face. It was a really precious and divine moment and every word that I shared seemed to resonate in such a profound way. As we walked away we realised something even more profound, that right at the start of our journey I had made a funny comment about us all being chickens, and I wasn’t sure why. Then when I tried to look up the symbolism of a chicken, I found that it represented a mother and daughter. I felt it was beautifully profound that we found them in a chicken restaurant (a mum and daughter) and got to encourage them with words from heaven that led the mother to tears. Only God can set those sort of moments up!


Of course, I looked down at my phone as we arrived into Washington DC, Ronald Reagan airport and smiled to see the time said 22:22 (Redding time)! 

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