Historical Moments

This was a day full to the brim with adventure, prayer and warring moments for freedom. But every big day starts with a beautiful secret place with the Lord. Here is a glimpse into some of what I wrote during my quiet early moments in the morning:

Ripples Song

There is a stirring in my heart 
A new idea of freedom arising up. 
I can see the army is now standing up. 
We are finding our feet and our sound once again. 

There is an echo in the sound of our voice. 
There is a freedom in the ripples of our choice. 
Our simple “yes” is the ticket to our greatest hope. 
His redemption awaits for our hearts. 

Our simple “yes” changes everything    
Holding nothing back, as we begin to sing. 
A passion setting fire to the places we go. 
A freedom is coming like we’ve never known. 

This is the start. This is the place. 
Historic moments, filled with His grace.  
Nothing is impossible, the roar will spread so wide. 
Our light is so bright, it is one we could never hide. 


“WAKE UP” and arise! I have noticed was a theme this morning from the songs that I have sung and the Psalms that I have read. It is time to WAKE UP!!

v1 “I review my composition concerning the king; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer”. 
v5 “Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the Kings enemies, the people Fall under You”.
v13 “The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; her clothing is woven with gold”. 
v17 “I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the people shall praise you forever and ever”. 

Psalm 45

After having such a sweet and solid time with the Lord, the day was ready to begin.
Our first stop was Supreme Court…

Supreme Court

As we started our journey to the Supreme Court it was hard to not notice the drizzly day and the rain wanting to pour down. Something inside me wasn’t sure what to think about this kind of weather that reminded me so much of London! However on the journey to Supreme Court I was reminded of a song I sang over my travel buddy, Sofia, just a few days before the trip, about God wanting to dance with her in the rain and create a dance floor out of her disappointments. In that moment I decided to see the rain as a blessing and not as a frustration and to trust that we would have wild opportunities to dance in the rain with joy. We hopped out of our Uber at the Supreme Court entrance and ran up the stairs to the door of the Court. Just as we got to the top, the large crowd that was congregated up there began to walk down to the roadside. It was perfect timing as it allowed us to really have space to dance between the pillars and in front of the huge door. I quickly whipped out my scarf and began to dance over the door with joy.

In the last few years I have been really impacted and learnt about the power of dance on a whole new level. Dance isn’t just to look pretty and free. Dance is a powerful weapon that can shift atmospheres and change things beyond our knowledge or words could. I have personally seen rooms change, hearts awaken and lives impacted, simply through the power of dance. Therefore in that moment I knew that as I danced over the door of the Supreme Court that it would create a powerful shift. I danced with my favourite testimony scarf, that set my life free, and simply trusted that there would be a switch of death to life over those doors. It felt like a wild honour to have a moment like this. One that I will never forget. As I was dancing a song kept filling my mind and I sang as I danced. The song spoke of the power of His fragrance and the oil that pours out of His presence.

“Is it a fragrance?
Then I pour my oil out
Is it a life laid down?
Then here I give my vows
Is it a song I sing?
Then here’s every melody
Just tell me what moves You
Tell me what moves You”.

Upper Room

Once we were finished dancing and were escorted down to the roadside too, we joined the thousands to pray and worship over this place. As the rain poured down, our praises just got louder. It was a stunning moment of seeing thousands praying over the laws of America, pleading heaven to stop abortion rights and save innocent lives. A roar poured out of the crowd in such a powerful way. We prayed for the selection of Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court of Justice and roared over the injustices of this nation and declared heaven to break out and breakthrough!


On the plane ride to DC I had written some prophetic treasure notes that I wanted to then give out to people that God would highlight to me in DC. The first one I felt to give away in DC was to a mum we met outside the Supreme Court. They had so sweetly let us shelter under their umbrella for a while in the rain and we kept bumping into them. While in Starbucks, trying to warm up and rest our legs I felt one of the pictures I had was for her. “Firework” was the title of this really childlike piece. They were just leaving and so I ran after them saying I had something for them. They came back in and I gave it to them and asked to pray over them. Tear rolled down her cheeks as I explained the piece to her. I was so humbled in that moment, that something so child like could touch someone’s heart so accurately and deeply. We had a super precious time praying and they walked away blessed and even gifted us with their umbrella! We were so touched!

White House 

Once we were warm and dry, we decided to go to White House and pray in front of the ground there. Once we were all in the Uber, Sofia and I began to get hit with uncontrollable joy in the back. It was such a beautiful and unexpected moment of wild joy. We couldn’t stop laughing, and seemed to be laughing for no apparent reason. I knew in that moment it was God just filling us with His pleasure and pride. We kept laughing unapologetically all the way to the White House. Then when we were standing in front of it we had a little photoshoot and dance in front of the building. Due to the elections being so soon, the whole area around the House was boarded up, so the only way to see it was from afar out on the lawn. We randomly had an Israeli flag and I had my testimony scarf that I got to dance with there too. Sofia captured a beautiful moment of me flying my scarf over the top of the White House. When I saw the picture I felt a smile appear on my face, as to me that was a picture of God’s heart over the White House.

We then noticed this smoke coming out of the ground randomly in the middle of the lawn. We walked over to it and began to take photos in it. To me this felt like a visual picture of the joy outbreak I pray that America gets to experience. Despite someone walking past and joking with us that the smoke was from the sewers (!), I didn’t even mind, that just made me laugh even harder!

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Building

We walked from the White House down the Mall past each of the monuments until we reached the Lincoln Memorial building. The whole way along we discovered some beautiful treasures and photographed each moment that marked something special for us.

Something that really impacted me was an engraved wall with the words:


Then came my favourite moment of the day!

As we got to Lincoln Memorial I was deeply touched to see a sign on the stairs made from a compilation of pictures, that made the word “HOPE”. We approached the entrance to the building and I was struck by the immensity and size of the statue of Lincoln! We even danced there, right in front of the statue. Then we went outside to the pillars and took some more dancing photos when we noticed the sound of worship echoing through the walls. Over towards the right side of the front of the building was a group of worshipers singing freely. It was so stunning, so we walked over to join them. I jumped down to the lower wall and began to dance with my scarves. Sofia joined me too. We went wild with joy and a group began to gather and watch as we worshipped freely on the wall of the building. Something significant felt it was happening in that moment. I felt like I was flying. There is such a crazy power in UNITY, when voices come together, feet stand together and children dance together on the truth of who their Father is. VICTORY happens!

We were asked to move our worship set down to the bottom of the stairs as more and more people congregated around the space. We too moved down towards the bottom of the stairs, but decided to stand on the edge of a wall to see from a higher angle. As we were standing there I saw a guy walking through the crowd and he was super highlighted to me. I didn’t take my eyes off him. He walked to the centre of the worship circle at the bottom, picked up his saxophone and walked to the top of the Lincoln Memorial building. I turned to Sofia and said “we need to follow that guy”. So we did. We met him at the top of all the stairs and I began to encourage him to let out his sound. He let it out in the main area of the Lincoln memorial. It was so powerful and reverberated around the building with a stunning echo. This moment reminded me of the vision I had had in Sacramento airport of being on a tall stage and letting out a roar over DC that would shake and break open the ground, release the rivers and pour gold over the city.

After John had played his saxophone in the building, we ended up dancing around him and releasing him to let out the sound again. As he did the huge crowd congregated at the bottom of the stairs heard our roars and John’s saxophone play, they all turned around and looked up to where we were standing at the top of the stairs and began to ROAR too. It was a powerful and unforgettable moment. It was the literal reality of the vision God had given me! A moment that no human could have made up, but only heaven could have orchestrated!

We continued to have a crazy dance party on the stairs and then when the main prayer and worship had finished, it just kept going where we were. The spirit broke out and a woman went around anointing people with oil. We anointed John’s head with oil. I stood behind him and put my scarf around his shoulders. It was a super powerful and marking moment. It was extraordinary to see someone so free of people’s opinions and who so clearly carries the heart of revival in his sound and saxophone!

National Mall

My biggest dream for the National Mall was to see a rainbow. And although I didn’t get to see a rainbow in the sky, I sure did see a rainbow in the most precious way. A child wrapped himself up in a rainbow scarf, right in front of the DC State Capitol building. I had shivers as I photographed him, as it was a stunning prophetic picture of what God wants to do for the next generation. Wrap them in colour and promise. Then one of the most marking moments of me of the evening was when Katurrah prayed on stage over her generation, to know and love God. The purity and innocence in her voice broke the atmosphere and released something incredibly special.

David’s Tent 

We went to the David’s Tent area after the event had finished and rested our legs for a while. While recharging our batteries of our phones and our bodies, we went towards the front and began to get involved with the worship. It got wild and free and truly stunning.

Two of the girl I knew at this point had decided to put on their onesies in the designs of a Giraffe and the American flag! To me this felt pretty prophetic without them even realising!

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