Set Flight, “Come Travel”

After a year of what I would call “heart surgery” and letting the Lord go deep into places of vulnerability and pain, I had felt the greatest art and discipline for me during that time was to learn to be STILL. Really still. In fact, as still as one is during actual heart surgery. Asleep. It was in fact through my sleep that God brought substantial healing to me. Then as the end of the year approached and summer was around the corner, I was curious as to what the next season would look like. As someone who really loves travelling, adventure and life in general, this last season was definitely not the easiest. Yet it taught me some fundamental lessons about the power of rest and embracing the season the Lord has you in.

One day, during a particular afternoon, where the leaders of the school I was a part of went around the room and prayed over every student I heard the Lord really clearly about my next season. It was a phenomenal afternoon and many got very touched by the Lord. One leader, whom I didn’t recognise and therefore didn’t know well, began to prophesy over me “it is time to travel. I see you adventuring and travelling with the Lord and he is going to take you to all sorts of places and you will begin businesses and inspire others along the way”. He continued in that same vein for a long while and I couldn’t help but belly laugh with joy. This to me was a stunning confirmation of what the Lord had said to me about this next season just a few days before – “it is time to set flight Jessica. Come travel with me”. I had almost laughed at the Lord when he said that to me, as I knew that he knew the state of my bank account and how it was the least it has ever been! Yet when He had spoken to me about it that was part of the process, He was asking me to trust Him with EVERYTHING. He explained to me that He wanted to be my “Honey” this summer and show me the depths of his love for me. He was showing me the wild and romantic side of His heart (as crazy as that might seem to some, it is true!).

Personally over the years I have struggled with a big fear of failure and therefore I had an inkling of a feeling that through my travelling adventures I would get the chance to face those fears and discover fundamental lessons about business along the way. For some reason I felt that it was through going and travelling I would learn metaphorically about business, yet I wasn’t yet sure how that would happen. But one thing I did know is that God knows how to speak straight to my heart through the things that I love: travelling being the top of those loves!

So on the 29th May I set off on the first leg of my journey and the only part of the journey that I knew at that point. I was taking a flight to LA, staying there for 28 hours and then flying on to West Palm Beach from there to be with my Granny for her 90th birthday the following week.

I cleared out my home in Redding, packed up my bags, said bye to friends and shed all the tears I could before my tear ducts were empty. Then I set flight. Miracles for me began from word “go”. While in the line to check in at Redding airport, I was nervous I was going to be charged for my baggage being over weight. Yet as I stood there I hear the Lord whisper to me: “I have got you covered. Just you watch, trust me. Remember I am leading this trip, you don’t have to worry about a thing”. After I head that I stepped forward in confidence that somehow things were going to work out. It was a wild feeling of unknown and yet deep trust. When I came to the counter the woman weighed my bag for me and suggested I let them check it in. Thinking that would be an extra cost, as it always is, I was beautifully surprised when they told me that with their airline it was in fact cheaper to check bags in rather than carry them on. A small smile began to spread across my face as I thanked the Lord and recognised his cheeky provision of grace, in a moment where I felt I would be charged, I in fact could have requested for money back! What a gift to begin the journey with. He did truly have me covered. From that moment on, I knew I was not the leader of this adventure and that the beauty would come as I let the Lord be my “Honey” and lead the way!

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