“East Virginia is Calling”

After hearing my Granny’s telephone go, as a friend of hers called, I heard it say “East Virginia is calling”. It was incredible timing as I had been asking the Lord if I really should even be dreaming up the idea of visiting North Carolina and Virginia and then when the phone rang not long after, I knew in that moment the Lord was calling me to trust and go. I had never been to Virginia before and didn’t know what to expect or where I would stay. But I trusted all the details to the Lord to help me figure out. Within a couple of days my plans were set, my flights were gifted to me, housing was sorted and I knew this was part of the adventure that I just got to enjoy and lean back and watch the Lord guide each step. I found where I would stay through a friend of a friends friend! I had bravely posted on Instagram to see if anyone knew of anyone and didn’t expect any response. To which quite a few people responded to me. The craziest part about it was that the guy I was connected with in Virginia, his name had “Honey” in his surname and the connection in Raleigh had done art of honeycombs! I knew when I saw these two little signs that it was the Lord gently and beautifully showing me another stepping stone on the journey of my “Just Bee” adventures. This is something I truly adore about Jesus, that he is SO incredibly intentional about the smallest of details along the way. When we take time to stop and appreciate those little signs, I truly believe it brings heaven joy.

I was connected with some girls who kindly agreed would be my ride from Virginia to Raleigh.

On route to Virginia I felt a fresh wind of inspiration and a new ability to dream again fill up my heart, body and mind. It was stunning and I recognised it because of the lack of ability to dream in this last season. I appreciated it a lot and the whole way there began jotting down notes, ideas and inspirational quotes and conversations I had. It was so life giving and refreshing.

When I arrived to the home I was staying in I couldn’t believe it when I walked through the doors to see gold balloons over the fireplace of the number “22”! My favourite number. This meant so much to me and then also in their bathroom to see the tile design in the shape of honeycomb!

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