When it came to the evening of worship with Sean Feucht at the Rock Church, I decided to attend the pre prayer meeting by the beach. I ended up having to rock up late due to no people able to give me a ride and the Uber drivers being so expensive for the route I needed to take. I eventually booked an Uber and on route had a beautiful conversation with the driver about faith, his life dreams and the power of relationship over religion. Once I arrived at the meeting, there was a small bunch of people gathered on the grass, in the original spot they had hoped to host the evening event. Yet due to rains and storms expecting to come that night, they had changed venue to Rock Church. As I realised they were beginning to wrap up the prayers, I was deeply impacted by the final prayers I got to hear over the Gen Z’s lined up at the front of the stage, tears pouring down their faces. It was a stunning sight to see, as I had a bee line sight of one particular young, cool looking guy sobbing his eyes out due to the presence of God. From afar I could tell his life would never be the same after today. Then once they had officially finished I wondered what I was going to do, now that I was all alone surrounded by strangers and a good distance away from where the event would be happening that night (the joys of not having ones own car!). Without even thinking about what I was doing or saying I ended up in a conversation with some of the women standing just in front of me. I sparked up conversation and almost within my second sentence asked if they were attending the evening session that night. They agreed to the fact that they were and I asked if I could possibly ride with them. One particularly kind and mother like woman perked up and so kindly offered me to ride with her, saying she would have to drop home first before going to the event. Touched by her warmth and mother heart, I said that would be amazing. Then as we were getting into the car she told me she was actually hosting Sean Feucht’s team at her home that weekend. Amazed that of all the people I could have met, I met her, I explained I knew his team and the videographers were friends of mine. This felt like a little heavenly gift of a connection. We drove to her home and almost instantly, when I sat down on her couch I zoned out into a nap, I was so exhausted and felt immediately at home. As she scurried around getting ready, I felt this deep peace of knowing that I was in the presence of a beautiful family home. 

Then when the time came to leave, she so kindly treated me to dinner and we arrived right in time for the event. 

That night was a night I won’t ever forget. From the moment it began the room felt like it was full of expectation. However, at one point throughout the night there was a noticeable shift, where people began to get deeply free. I could feel the spirit of repentance and holiness enter the room, as the atmosphere became so thick with a desire for freedom, at any cost. I began to weep, simply under the presence of God and watching him unlock chains all across the room. It was a moment like I used to dream about. In 2013, while I was in South Africa, I would spend long days with the Lord and receiving his heart for my nation, the world and what the next revival would look like. While staying at a YWAM base in Muizenburg, God gave me visions about what exactly the next revival would look like and how it would flow from the ability to ‘Just Be”. Something he also said so clearly to me was that we would be called a “Golden generation. Unashamedly free to be who we are”. As I stood there, at the front of Rock Church, dancing my heart out in worship, I remembered what the Lord had said and what He had shown me all those years ago. Sean then began to ask us all to clear the aisles and make a space at the front for the alter. I began to move back and while standing in the aisle, I felt two hands on my back begin to pray for me. I just wept my heart out watching what happened next. Sean created the most stunning environment of no shame and removed all judgements, to the point that one could tangibly feel a need to confess anything you were struggling with for the sake of freedom. He then invited anyone in the room struggling with same sex attraction to raise their hands, empowering them to know that the first to raise their hand was a leader of many with a courage that is awe inspiring. After people had raised their hands, he got anyone around them to run and give them hugs and pray over them. It was stunning, as people wept into the arms of strangers and got swarmed with love. After which they invited those around them to raise those struggling on their shoulders, as if they were champions at a football game. It was the most beautiful picture of what it looks like to remove all shame and invite people to receive freedom in the safest and most radically free environment. Tears were still dropping off my face as I watched the church be who we were always designed to be: a place of radical freedom, no shame and deep fiery love for those struggling. Love is what transforms hearts and always will. Love can’t help but draw out truth and transform minds. This was a moment and its beauty, I almost struggle to fully describe to do it justice. 

After this moment of touching and radical confession and love, Sean invited anyone in the room forward who wanted to give their lives to Jesus or recommit their life. Having cleared the alter space, they gave a count down and encouraged anyone who would like to respond to RACE to the front and down the aisles in hot pursuit of the One that matters most. Even more tears came rolling down my cheeks as I watched hundreds sprint to the front, fall to their knees and weep before the King of Kings. A holy fire and conviction fell in the room and I was definitely not the only one with solid tears dropping off my face. Salvation of souls had flooded the room and the sight of eternity almost felt reachable in that moment. 

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